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Please describe in detail all relevant personal matters needed for accurate medical consultation. This information is used for internal consultation before consulting with a doctor in order to provide quick and accurate medical counseling. (Family medical history, adverse effects of certain medications, allergies, medications in use, sensitive skin, anesthesia side effects, pregnancy, or others).
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Personal Information Collection and Usage Agreement
1. Collection and use of personal information.
(Our company shall collect and use your valuable personal information for the following purposes)

a. Treatment and counseling service
b. Data for treatment support such as claims for treatment cost, payment and reimbursement, etc.
c. Data required for education, research, treatment results, further investigation
d. Basic data for outside consignment test and clinical trials
e. Providing health contents and clinical information
f. Treatment, health screening reservation, reservation search and providing membership service
g. Treatment expense bills, medicinal certificates, shipping of goods related to health screening and inspection
h. Use as communication channel for delivering notifications and handling complaints
i. Informing of new service and events
j. Data for providing new service developments and personalized service
k. Collection of consumer injury information in accordance with Article 52 of Framework Act on Consumers

2. Collection and use of unique identification information
In order to collect and use the personal information in Section 1, the following unique identification information will be collected and used.

3. Collection and use of sensitive information
(Health information)
Personal health information which is deemed necessary by the medical staff such as medical history and family’s medical history, etc.
For the collection and use of personal information in Section 1, the following sensitive information (health information) will be collected and used.

4. Above information is necessary for performing the treatment. You may not agree with the above information and if you do not agree, please note that we may not be able to provide a seamless service.

 I agree